Advanced Calculus


This textbook has been carefully written in great detail and coherent manner that the students who are average or below can easily comprehend the different topics. The content is well written with good presentation that makes it possible for the learner to move from known to unknown, a form that is vital for proper understanding of mathematical concepts. A close study of the numerous topics covered in this unique textbook reveals that candidates aspiring to acquire B.Sc. degree or HND in Mathematics (or some other allied disciplines such as statistics, computer science, physics, engineering etc.) will find it relevant. This textbook is a must for these categories of students in all institutions of higher learning. Therefore, I strongly recommend this textbook to all students of mathematics and its allied disciplines in all institutions of higher learning. By patronizing this textbook for its high academic value saves the nation a lot of scarce foreign exchange, which can be used to develop many sectors of the Nigerian economy.
I can express from personal experience that it is not easy to write a good mathematics textbook and even more difficult to produce this quality material for use in institutions of higher learning. The author, Dr. (Mrs.) Ozokeraha, C.F.R., is an experienced and focused mathematics teacher. She has very strong determination to achieve her goals. Her numerous degrees relentlessly up to a Ph.D. in mathematics is a confirmation of these attestations. She has by this textbook filled a lot of gaps in the existing mathematics textbooks and her other mathematics research publications in reputable journals have singled her out among her equals. We pray God to give her the grace to do more for her generation.

Prof. Paul O. Ekoko,
Department of Mathematics
University of Benin.

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